Toddler snatched from trolley, parents warned to be vigilant

Police are warning parents that within a blink of an eye a child could be snatched and kidnapped in seconds, therefore it is of utmost importance that children are ALWAYS kept within sight.

This warning comes after a one-year-old girl was snatched from a trolley at a Cash and Carry store in Cleary Park on Monday afternoon, September 5.

It is alleged that at about 14:00, the child’s parents, aged 23 and 28 years old, were shopping in the store. The child was seated in the trolley. While they were busy at the fridges with their backs to the trolley, it is alleged that a woman walked up to the child, touched her and then walked away. Within seconds, another female snatched the child and also walked away.

Police spokesperson, Col. Priscilla Naidu, said that when the father turned around and noticed that the child was gone, he ran to the security at the door.

“As the security guard was about to close the doors, the first woman pointed out to the father that the child is with the second suspect. The women indicated that they were just joking with the parents. The suspects and the complainant do not know each other,” Naidu explained.

“Yesterday, September 6, the security at the Cash and Carry notified police that the suspects and the complainant are at their offices. Police attended and both suspects and complainants were brought to the police station and a case of kidnapping was opened,” Naidu added.

The women, aged 51 and 56 years old, are detained. The investigation continues.

Source: SAPS media statement