South End Museum

South End Museum

To begin a tour of South End Museum is to embark on an experience quite different to any other. You will meet fascinating people from yesteryear; people who fought against the injustices of the time and to a certain measure changed the course of history.

You will see newspaper clippings and heart-wrenching photographs of forced removals and you will, no doubt, be left in sheer admiration for those that fought against the regime of Apartheid; whether their efforts were mammoth or miniscule. This is an emotional look into the history of Nelson Mandela Bay and the people that make it unique.

The first two rooms of the South End Museum are dedicated to preparing you for this moving experience. Stunning modern displays give visitors a brief overview of the exhibitions being showcased in the museum. In addition, you will be introduced to the trustees and to the formal structure of the museum, giving you full assurance that all efforts are being made to preserve the integrity of the old South End and its people.

The scene of a typical South End dining room, complete with crockery and ornaments, gives visitors a sense of the focus on family life in this community that is preserved now only in the memories and remnants of the past.

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