Rotary Club PE South hosts induction dinner

Mandy Volschenk won the Paul Harris Award.

Mandy Volschenk won the Paul Harris Award.

THE Rotary Club of Port Elizabeth South recently hosted its induction dinner, and this time the event had a different flair to it, taking to heart the words of Rotary founder, Paul Harris, when he said: “This is a changing world; we must be prepared to change with it.”

And this is indeed what the club did: they transformed the board process to a less formal one, without negating the essence of Rotary.

Said one of the members of the dinner: [it was an] “…ideal mix of idealism and levity; business with a light touch; formality with a friendly feel.”

During the evening, the club shared its past year of accomplishments, looking forward to a new Rotary year, a time punctuated with an ever growing philosophy of looking after our community. The evening depicted the joy of Rotary, interspersed with various talks, the handing over of well-deserved certificates, listening to the Interact feedback, and establishing the board’s various portfolios.

Rotarian Bruce Wesson was the consummate master of ceremonies, and as an excellent conversationalist he made everyone feel valued and appreciated.

The club said it was especially proud of Mandy Volschenk, “who alone counts as about 10 Rotarians! This astute lady has a magic touch when it comes to taking the needs of the community to heart, and her fervour and dedication knows no bounds. Mandy is one of the few people who, after being a Rotarian for a relatively short while have managed to reach the Paul Harris Award echelons.”

Bill McAinsh walked away with a distinguished service award, and Anton Rousseau was honoured with a well-deserved long service decoration.

Says Rotary South Club president, Antoinette Esterhuyse, “Here’s to a wonderful new Rotary Year, filled with compassion and kindness towards a world yearning for care and love.”

She reiterated the message of Nelson Mandela when he reminded us of the fact that it is in our hands to make a better world for all who live in it. Compassion is indeed the essence of life.