Good rain measured in some of the Bay’s catchment areas

Some welcome rain fell in some of Nelson Mandela Bay’s catchment areas, according to the Bay’s Weather Guru, Garth Sampson from the South African Weather Service.

Sampson this morning said there are unofficial reports of a total of up to 181mm measured at Krakeelhoek, “with videos being posted on social media of the river running nicely”.

“However, generally the Langkloof on average had between 20mm and 40mm over a wide area, with patches of heavier falls.

“Although this will buy us a few days or maybe weeks, the results will not be seen in the dams before Monday and beyond,” Sampson said.

He emphasized that it is not the end of the water crisis. “After lunchtime today no further rain is expected for the next week.”

Unofficial rainfall figures*

Krakeel Hoek 110mm

Krakeel 47mm

Tamie 22mm

(All water goes to Kouga Dam)

Near Kareedouw 55m

*Figures sent in by the public to Garth Sampson