Accused in Vicki Terblanche murder case working on plea bargain with state

One of the accused in the Vicki Terblanche murder case is busy working on a plea bargain with the state.

The three accused, Vicki’s estranged husband, Arnold Terblanche, her boyfriend, Reinhardt Leach, and Dylan Cullis, appeared in the Gqeberha Magistrates Court again today, August 22.

The matter was postponed on July 12 until today for further instructions from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) after the the court was told that the murder investigation had been completed, however, the court is still waiting on these instructions.

The court is also still awaiting the said plea bargain (105 statement) since it prompted further investigation and still needs to be finalised. Terblanche will also be launching another appeal against his bail refusal. This has been scheduled for September 9 in the Gqeberha High Court.

Magistrate Abigail Beeton once again postponed the case until September 30, 2022 and emphasised that the DPP must make a decision.

“Everything is hanging in the air now,” Beeton said.

During their appearance, the three men seemed relaxed and were all dressed in dark jackets, with Cullis sporting a fresh haircut. Leach winked at members of the gallery before leaving the courtroom.

The three are accused of Vicki’s murder after her body was found in a shallow grave in Greenbushes in October last year. Terblanche’s bail has been denied twice, as well as his appeal against the first bail refusal.

Although the name of the accused working on the plea deal is known to Express, his name was not mentioned in court and he can thus not yet be identified.